Don’t let the moving process disrupt your company’s workflow. House Moving makes your office transfer smooth, reliable, and efficient.

Did you just land that great new office? If so, you could be wondering how you’re going to move all those desks, computers, and equipment over to your new location. Don’t sweat it with House Moving.

In today’s competitive market, companies expect flawless moving experiences that don’t disrupt business operations. A computer broken during transit could spell trouble for your workflow, so call a moving company with the expertise you need.

House Moving does more than just moving houses. Our services for business clients include:

  • Various truck sizes for large and bulky pieces, such as conference room desks
  • Proper packaging for computers, servers, and other electronic equipment
  • Guaranteed arrival dates, so you stay on schedule
  • Installation services, so your company can get up and running immediately
  • Record-keeping to ensure nothing gets lost

See why so many companies trust House Moving for their vital transportation needs. Don’t delay calling us for a quote soon.


Why Choose Us

Don’t think any moving company can give you an excellent experience. House Moving is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

  • Professional teams with years of experience
  • Great customer service to give you peace of mind
  • Excellent service you’ll love
  • Great prices you’ll love even more
  • Satisfaction guarantees you won’t find anywhere else


What Clients Say

I really hate moving due to so many bad experiences in the past. A friend of mine told me about House Moving. While skeptical at first, I’m glad I gave them a call. This was the easiest move I’ve ever experienced, and their team was super professional and easy to work with.
Carlos Sanchez
My favorite moving company closed down after the owner passed away. I decided to give House Moving a try based on some reviews I read about them. Richard and Jake, I’d like to personally thank you for making my move so stress-free. I know I can be demanding, but you guys really took care of me and made sure everything went according to plan! 5/5!
Monica Hardy
I had just graduated from college and got a job working in Silicon Valley. The thought of moving across the country was SUPER stressful for me. Although I only met Richard briefly through my move, his team is great, and he even took the time to offer me some great advice about big life changes and adjusting in a new city. Thanks again Richard, I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends and family!
Steve Baum